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Plus-Plus is made for creative souls of all ages.


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Plus-Plus comes in two sizes: BIG is designed for the youngest children, so even the smallest hands can join in. Plus-Plus is for slightly older children.

Get inspiration and guidance for your Plus-Plus creations. In the inspiration universe, you'll find something for every taste.

Plus-Plus is created for all creative souls. If you're a structured builder, you can learn new skills with Learn to Build. If you prefer free play, check out our various color mixes. Are you looking for a specific color? You'll find all our colors separately under single colors.

Our tubes are available in multiple sizes and countless color mixes. The tubes are reusable and perfect for storing Plus-Plus. Try our Tube Selector below and create your own stories.

Blue is not just blue. It can range from Pastel Blue to Neon Blue. Every color provides a unique expression, which is why Plus-Plus comes in a wide variety of colors that you can purchase separately. See some of our newest colors below.

There is something magical about toys. In moments of joy and sorrow, toys play a central role in children's comfort, well-being, and, above all, happiness. Who doesn't have fond memories of their own childhood toys?

Much has changed over the years, but the need for good, developmental classic play remains - perhaps stronger than ever today. Plus-Plus is a classic toy that puts the child's development and happiness in focus. The educational benefits of playing with Plus-Plus can be found here.

At, you have Denmark's largest selection of Plus-Plus. Here, you'll find bestsellers, news, and classics. Make a simple and easy order with us, and the products will be shipped to you. You avoid standing in line at toy stores, which can be a struggle, especially around Christmas, and something you typically put off until the last minute. Furthermore, you don't have to carry the toys home. At, you can also find a lot of inspiration for playing and building. Did you know, for example, that many children use Plus-Plus to build domino runs or stack towers? Visit the inspiration universe here. If you need a good gift idea, you'll find it here. We offer toys for all ages - from Plus-Plus BIG for the little ones to Plus-Plus for slightly older children or perhaps adults who simply love construction toys.