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Set play free in a world of colors. Plus-Plus is for all ages, from the very young to adults who love to play and be creative. Choose between two sizes and a multitude of beautiful colors. Here is Europe's largest selection of Plus-Plus.

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BIG Basic Colormix - 100 pcsBIG Basic Colormix - 100 pcs
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Gold - 150 pcsGold - 150 pcs

Gold - 150 pcs

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Accessory Pack - Gray and BlackAccessory Pack - Gray and Black
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Basic Black - 150 pcsBasic Black - 150 pcs
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Basic Black - 150 pcs

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Basic Colormix - 1200 pcsBasic Colormix - 1200 pcs
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Basic Colormix - 1200 pcs

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Metal Suitcase - 600 pcsMetal Suitcase - 600 pcs
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Glow in the Dark - 150 pcsGlow in the Dark - 150 pcs
BIG Storage Box - 200 pcsBIG Storage Box - 200 pcs
BIG Breeze Colormix - 100 pcsBIG Breeze Colormix - 100 pcs
Buy 5 pay for 4
Silver - 150 pcsSilver - 150 pcs

Silver - 150 pcs

€9,99 EUR

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Plus-Plus isn't just play; it's also learning and development. When children play with Plus-Plus, they train their fine motor skills, logical thinking, creativity and above all, imagination. It's fun learning that can entertain children for hours.

Plus-Plus comes in two sizes - one for small hands (1+) and one for the slightly older ones (from 5+). Regardless of which size you choose, there are no limits to what you can create, and there's no wrong way to build. Some children like to build from free imagination, while others prefer instructions to guide their building process. Fortunately, Plus-Plus accommodates both, as we offer sets with building instructions, color mixes and single colors where imagination takes the lead. Plus-Plus is available in tubes, boxes, small suitcases and sturdy storage boxes.


With its unique design, Plus-Plus can be combined in countless ways in both 2D and 3D, with an infinite range of color combinations. Only imagination sets the limits. Plus-Plus measures 12mm x 20mm and is suitable from 5+.


BIG is designed for the very little ones and offers fun and safe play. Thanks to its large size (30mm x 50mm), they fit well in small hands and can be put in the mouth without danger. BIG is tested and approved for children from 0+ years, but we recommend that the child is at least 1+ year old to truly engage in play.

Plus-Plus Can Do It All

With Plus-Plus, you can build anywhere, anytime! It's perfect to take on trips, to restaurants, or to friends and family.

Plus-Plus can be washed in a washing machine or dishwasher in a laundry bag at a maximum of 90 degrees celsius, so they can always be kept clean and fresh.

We are proud to design and produce at our own factory in Holbæk, Denmark. Our production is powered by 100% green energy from wind power, and all our products and packaging are 100% recyclable. Plus-Plus is free from PVC and phthalates and approved for food contact