BIG is the extra-large Plus-Plus that fits well in small hands and provides fun and safe play for the youngest children. When children hold BIG in their hands, curiosity and creativity awaken while also stimulating fine motor skills.

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BIG Basic Colormix - 100 pcsBIG Basic Colormix - 100 pcs
BIG Breeze Colormix - 100 pcsBIG Breeze Colormix - 100 pcs
BIG Storage Box - 200 pcsBIG Storage Box - 200 pcs
Puzzle By Number

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BIG Starter SetBIG Starter Set

BIG Starter Set

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BIG Bloom Colormix - 100 pcsBIG Bloom Colormix - 100 pcs
BIG Basic Colormix - 150 pcsBIG Basic Colormix - 150 pcs
BIG Make & Go! - CarBIG Make & Go! - Car

BIG Make & Go! - Car

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BIG Metal Suitcase - 70 pcsBIG Metal Suitcase - 70 pcs
BIG Suitcase Yellow - 70 pcsBIG Suitcase Yellow - 70 pcs
BIG Neon Colormix - 100 pcsBIG Neon Colormix - 100 pcs
BIG Bloom Colormix - 15 pcsBIG Bloom Colormix - 15 pcs
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With BIG, children can be creative, create small masterpieces and learn about colors, shapes, counting and sorting. BIG is available in different themes such as puzzles and color mixes, including single colors, and with or without building instructions. BIG is approved from 0+. For slightly older children aged 5+, we recommend the smaller-sized series - see the Plus-Plus series here.

BIG toys for ages 1 year and up

BIG is approved for use from birth, so even your newborn can start with BIG and experience a new sensation in their little hands. From the age of 1 year, children can begin to distinguish between the many different colours that BIG comes in, and later they can start putting them together. With BIG, your child can develop their imagination while stimulating fine motor skills, creativity, focus and patience. It's enjoyable to witness your child's development, and with BIG, you can truly see what creative play can do for children's growth.

The endless possibilities will provide your child with hours of fun and learning simultaneously. Together with your child, you can create various constructions, such as cars, zoo animals, houses or imaginative creatures, both in 2D and 3D. BIG comes in many colours and as building plates, allowing for countless creations.

Like all other Plus-Plus products, BIG is manufactured in our own factory in Holbæk, Denmark. Our factory and headquarters are powered by 100% green energy from wind power. All our products are also 100% recyclable - no waste. The BIG series is free from PVC plastic and phthalates and is approved for food contact. This means your child can play with Plus-Plus and even put it in their mouth without any worries. BIG measures 30 x 50 mm, ensuring there's no choking hazard.

Did you know that the BIG series is hygienic and the entire series can be washed in both washing machines and dishwashers using a wash bag, up to 90 degrees Celsius? We call it hygienic play.

Whether you're travelling or the little one is staying with grandparents, we offer super smart and practical travel bags - they come with handles so the child can carry their toys themselves. See our selection of travel bags here.

Why choose BIG?

Today, toys for the very young must be fun, educational and safe, and that's exactly what we aim to combine.

  • Thanks to the unique design, BIG can be assembled in countless ways - build whatever your imagination desires, whether in 2D or 3D, it's completely up to you.
  • Fun and developmental construction toy that trains your child's fine motor skills, logical sense, creativity and imagination.
  • Can be used from birth. BIG measures 30 x 50 mm in size, ensuring no choking hazard.
  • Easily portable to grandparents' or during travel with our smart travel bags.
  • Super hygienic play - can be washed in both washing machines and dishwashers using a wash bag - washable up to 90 degrees Celsius.
  • Always free from PVC plastic and phthalates, and approved for food contact - no worries if it ends up in the mouth.

Things to know about toys for children

There can be many considerations when buying toys for infants and slightly older children. Everything from age appropriateness, size, to safety. For us, it's about four things: development, concentration, imagination, and safety. Especially in this age group, safety is absolutely essential.

As parents you can consider the following:

  • Does the toy develop my child's fine motor skills?
  • In today's fast-paced world, it's important that your child's toys are both fun and enhance concentration.
  • Imagination is a crucial part of a child's upbringing; it can foster independence and teach them to think and develop on their own.
  • Safety is of utmost importance. As parents, you need to trust that the toys your child has are safe. Are they free from harmful substances? Is there a choking hazard when the toy ends up in the mouth?
For the BIG series, these four elements are everything. It's what we base our toy design on, so your child can develop in a completely safe manner.