Are you a big fan of colors? Then you've come to the right place, as here we have gathered all our colour mixes, ranging from delicate pastels to tropical hues and everything in between.

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BIG Basic Colormix - 100 pcsBIG Basic Colormix - 100 pcs
Basic Colormix - 1200 pcsBasic Colormix - 1200 pcs
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Basic Colormix - 1200 pcs

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BIG Breeze Colormix - 100 pcsBIG Breeze Colormix - 100 pcs
BIG Starter SetBIG Starter Set

BIG Starter Set

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Puzzle By Number

Did you try our Puzzle by Number

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BIG Bloom Colormix - 100 pcsBIG Bloom Colormix - 100 pcs
BIG Basic Colormix - 150 pcsBIG Basic Colormix - 150 pcs
Basic Colormix - 600 pcsBasic Colormix - 600 pcs
Pearl Colormix - 240 pcsPearl Colormix - 240 pcs
Pearl Colormix - 100 pcsPearl Colormix - 100 pcs
BIG Neon Colormix - 100 pcsBIG Neon Colormix - 100 pcs
BIG Bloom Colormix - 15 pcsBIG Bloom Colormix - 15 pcs
Pastel Colormix - 300 pcsPastel Colormix - 300 pcs
Neon Colormix - 300 pcsNeon Colormix - 300 pcs
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Neon Colormix - 300 pcs

€13,99 EUR

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Play is an essential part of children's development and imagination. It is through play that they explore, create, and learn. At Plus-Plus, we aim to unleash play and provide children with the opportunity to express their creativity in a unique way.

Plus-Plus comes in two sizes, BIG for ages 1 and Plus-Plus for 5 and up.

Set the play free - endless play and learning
With our wide range of colourful Plus-Plus pieces, we open the door to a world of limitless creative possibilities. Whether it's building simple figures or crafting intricate 3D models, there are no limits to what can be created. Plus-Plus is shaped as a simple geometric unit that easily interconnects. This enables the creation of everything from beautiful 2D mosaics to impressive and unique 3D creations.

Our mission is to inspire children to explore their creativity and think outside the box. By granting them the freedom to create and design, we challenge their problem-solving abilities and creative mindset.

On our website, you'll find plenty of inspiration on how to unleash play using Plus-Plus. We present exciting themes and projects that can inspire children of all ages to explore new ways of building and creating. Whether it's constructing an adventure castle, a colourful rainbow or unique characters, there are no boundaries to what can be crafted with Plus-Plus.

We take pride in offering a product that is both fun and developmental. Plus-Plus not only stimulates children's imagination and creativity but also enhances their fine motor skills.

Our products are carefully crafted in Denmark and are free from harmful substances such as Bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates. Safety and quality are our top priorities, allowing parents to confidently let their children play with Plus-Plus.

So, let's together unleash play and explore a colorful world of imagination. With Plus-Plus, the possibilities are endless and only imagination sets the limits. Give children the tool to build their dreams - choose Plus-Plus!