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You can play with Plus-Plus in many ways. In this section we inspire activities that you can do with Plus-Plus.


Use Plus-Plus or Plus-Plus BIG to build your own Domino track. Who can build the longest track?

Stacking tower

Plus-Plus BIG is ideal for stacking. Who can build the highest tower before it falls? You can do it alone or as a competition with someone where you take turns to put a new Plus-Plus BIG piece on top – the person that have the tower to fall loses the competition.

Tic Tac Toe

Build your own Tic Tac Toe game and play with your friends.

Build your flag

With so many colors to choose from, Plus-Plus is ideal to use when building the flags of the world. Build a flag you know or make your own one.  Use our template and get inspiration in this link.

Download your design here

Spinning Top

Build a spinning top and play with your friends. See who can make the coolest spinning top. Or compete who can spin the longest. Download our spinning top activity game and play with your friends. Here is an instruction on how to build a spinner.

Buy our Spinning Top set here.


Learn colors with Plus-Plus

Try these activities to teach your small child about colors with Plus-Plus:
- Sorting colors: Your toddler will find great joy in sorting colors. Place a few handfuls of Plus-Plus in a pile and help your child sort them into stacks by color.
- Play treasure hunt: Encourage your child to "find yellow items" in and around your house and put them next to the yellow Plus-Plus, repeat with red, blue etc. Your toddler will enjoy being active and observant to colors. 
- Stimulate motor skills and color recognition: Build rows of green Plus-Plus, red Plus-Plus etc.

Bath with Plus-Plus BIG

Did you know that Plus-Plus BIG floats on water? It's the perfect bath toy for the youngest and the kids get clean while playing. Such a win-win!