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What is Plus-Plus

What is Plus-Plus

What is Plus-Plus?

Plus-Plus is a collection of colorful 6-sided plastic pieces that interlock with one another to provide the user with endless possibilities. It can be used to create puzzles, 2D and 3D mosaics and art, or used as a block to construct anything imaginable. Plus-Plus is  simple, solid, and pleasing to use and comes in a vast array of beautiful colors. 

Plus-Plus combines elements of science, tech, mathematics, and engineering (STEM). It stimulates fine motor skills, logic, creativity, and imagination all without the use of screens. It's hours of fun and play for all ages.

Some Plus-Plus products come with inspirational building guides but we encourage open play as we believe this is the best way to connect with your inner creative genius.

Suitable for all ages and stages.

One shape, endless possibilities! Plus-Plus inspires creative minds through open-ended play.

Product Information

What is Plus-Plus Made from?

Plus-Plus is made from LDPE plastic which is an acronym for Low-Density PolyEthylene. This type of plastic is used for many different products e.g. squeezable bottles, coatings for paper milk cartons and plastic bags for bread and frozen foods. It is a tough and flexible type of plastic that is also well suited for toys. Our baseplates and wheels are made from ABS, a material commonly used in building bricks.

We carefully select and trust our vendors, and most of our raw material is produced in the EU. Even so we perform extra testing of all production material to make sure that they meet our criteria.

Plus-Plus is 100% recyclable. When no longer played with, we recommend that you recycle your Plus-Plus or - even better - pass them on to new users or save for future generations.

Product Safety

It is important to us that our products do not contain harmful materials that are potentially harmful for children.

We ensure this by:

  • Plus-Plus is constantly tested and is approved according to EU toy standards: EN 71-1, 71-2, 71-3. and REACh.
  • Free of phthalates, PVC and BPA. North America: ASTM / CPSIA
  • Tests are performed by external and independent laboratories.
  • Plus-Plus® is approved for food & beverage
  • Plus-Plus® is free from phthalates.
  • Plus-Plus incl. our packaging is free from PVC.

How to Clean Plus-Plus

If your Plus-Plus have gotten dirty or shifted many hands it's a good idea to wash them every now and then. Luckily its easy and risk-free. Simply put them in a mesh bag and wash in a washing machine or dishwasher and your Plus-Plus will sparkle again. Max 90 degrees Celsius.

Developmental Play

Fine Motor Skills - Focus and Patience - Imagination and Creativity

Plus-Plus is popular with teachers and the educational sector because of the tactile elements, and the open play possibilities which stimulate fine motor skills and creativity. It is perfect for anyone who wish to challenge their creative skills and can be used as a family activity, with friends or an opportunity to destress. 

There are many educational benefits e.g.

  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Sensory Development
  • Colors & Shapes
  • Counting & Sorting
  • Three-dimensional learning skills
  • Engineering
  • Problem Solving
  • Imaginative Play

You are never too young or old to play with Plus-Plus and there is no wrong way to play!

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