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Puzzle by Number

Puzzle By Number is the perfect mix of a jigsaw puzzle and a paint by number. By using an enclosed pattern, fill in the design by matching each number with the corresponding color. When done, display it on a table or hang it up as room decor - no glue or ironing required! 

Puzzle by Number - Makes Building Easy

With Puzzle by Number its easy to get started with Plus-Plus. By combining numbers with colors you can create beautiful mosaics. When done they can be used as room décor or the Plus-Plus pieces can be used to build something new.

Simple Design - Fuels Creativity

One shape, endless possibilities! Plus-Plus has a unique design in one shape and 2 sizes that can interlock with other Plus-Plusses that are identical to it.  It is a perfect educational toy that stimulates fine motor skills, creativity, focus and patience! Mix and match any Plus-Plus set to bring more ideas to life!     


Plus-Plus encourages fine motor skills, logic, creativity, and imagination all without the use of screens. Part Science, part Technology, part Engineering, a bit of Math and a whole lot of FUN!                         

Suggested for Ages 5+

Puzzle by Number is suggested for children 5-12. Varying complexity depending by number of pieces. Each Plus-Plus measures 20mm x 12 mm and is suitable for children 3-4 years and up.         

Safe Play

Plus-Plus is washable. Put your Plus-Plus in a mesh bag and wash it in your washing machine or dishwasher and your Plus-Plus will sparkle again. Max 90 degrees Celsius.      

Made in Denmark

Plus-Plus is made in Denmark. The Plus-Plus factory and headquarters uses 100% green energy from wind power. All Plus-Plus is produced from food approved PE and from high quality BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic. All products and packaging are 100% recyclable.