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Open Play

Open Play is the essence of Plus-Plus. Each Open Play item comes with a specific amount of Plus-Plus but has no instructions on what and how to build. Open-play encourages creativity, imagination and logic thinking in children as they are forced to come up with their own ideas of what to build and how things fit together.⁠

Open Play - the Essence of Plus-Plus

Open Play is essentially what Plus-Plus is all about and where it all started. Open Play is uninstructed play,  i.d. no building instructions, that encourages users to use their imagination to create anything they might dream up. Open-ended toys are like magic for the development and is a gateway to people's inner creative genius.

Simple Design - Fuels Creativity

One shape, endless possibilities! Plus-Plus has a unique design in one shape and 2 sizes that can interlock with other Plus-Plusses that are identical to it. It's endlessly versatile and can be combined to build anything imaginable. It is a perfect educational toy that stimulates fine motor skills, creativity, focus and patience! It can be mix and matched with any Plus-Plus set to bring more ideas to life!     


Plus-Plus encourages fine motor skills, logic, creativity, and imagination all without the use of screens. Part Science, part Technology, part Engineering, a bit of Math and a whole lot of FUN!                           

Suggested for Ages 4+

Plus-Plus measures 20mm x 12 mm and is suitable for children 3-4 years and up.         

Produced in Denmark

Plus-Plus is made in Holbæk, Denmark. The Plus-Plus factory and headquarters use 100% green energy from wind power. All Plus-Plus is produced from food approved PE and from high quality BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic. All products and packaging are 100% recyclable.                                 

Safe Play

Plus-Plus is well-crafted, solid and washable. Put your Plus-Plus in a mesh bag and wash it in your washing machine or dishwasher and your Plus-Plus will sparkle again. Max 90 degrees Celsius.